Night Traffic

Permanent Sites

Set up of long-term and permanent sites to monitor traffic flow.

  • Night traffic
  • Intersection, pedestrians and cars

Long term and permanent surveys improve traffic efficiency by detecting the traffic flow and congestion overall an extended period of time to provide a detailed statistical report that can be used for long term strategic goals and planning.

Survey transport and activity hubs

Surveying people at transport and activity hubs, for long term data analysis of the flow of people within the structure for improvement of performance result.

Process data recordings to produce OD Matrices, volumes, dwell times, and features such as aggregated age statistics.

Provides statistical data to facilitate planning of traffic flow improvements and management strategies.


Crowd counts – varied situations

Set up large-scale feature and count surveys.

Using GPU cluster, improve comparison speed.

Useful for both linked location events or isolated.


Shopping Centre surveys

Placed within shopping centres at strategic locations such as entrances or exits provides real-time consumer data for retail businesses.

Surveys use of facilities such as carparks to provide reliable data for planning the most beneficial upgrades with the resources available.