LPR - Plate Records and Classification

Vehicle Analytics

Professional surveys which efficiently capture required data; using modern, cutting edge technology.

  • Vehicle Classification
  • Inner city traffic
  • Traffic Flow

Smart technology improves traffic efficiency by detecting traffic flow and congestion.

Data can be gathered on

  • Traffic flow
  • Queuing length, waiting time
  • Average travel speed
  • Statistical analysis of vehicle model

With deep learning algorithms, the high accuracy rate of this cutting-edge technology maintains a continuously growing trend.



Algorithms are based on the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

  • Vehicle model recognition (7 kinds)
  • Vehicle body colour recognition (16 kinds)
  • Classification of logo (12 kinds)
  • Recognition of license plate colour (5 kinds)


LPR - Plate Records

License plate recognition technology supports a tilt angle of more than 60 degrees. Surveying vehicle movements more accurately.

95% Accuracy rate: Recognition of vehicle license plate in daytime